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Casa do Pico

Casa do Pico  Photo: Joana Duarte

Casa do Pico

Photo: Joana Duarte

 This project was born in February 2018,

The concept is to support and promote Portuguese Handmade crafts but also a place where you can eat and drink

My Mum who loves decoration and my Dad who runs an architecture and renovating company, played a huge roll in the first steps of this process. As a family who always knew the true value of handmade products, the opportunity to offer a place to our community where they could find 100% handmade and unique products became the real deal when the perfect place came across to our lives. The location was a crucial decision, as we wanted to keep living in Carcavelos,so we waited for the perfect area.

Casa do Pico  Photo: Fox and June

Casa do Pico

Photo: Fox and June

With more than 100 years, with a typical Portuguese architecture, the house was renovated and rehabilitated in 2016.

On the second floor the guests area is totally independent from the family house, The rooms were decorated according to a minimalist style to offer a clean and confortable atmosphere. The ceilings, the window shutters and the cement stools under the windows are still original.

The rooms at Casa do Pico, are a great place to spend some relaxed days. There is a terrace just in front where you can read, hang, or simply enjoy the sun. There are a few amazing restaurant options to eat portuguese food just around the corner, the train station is an easy and very good alternative to go to lisbon or Cascais if you want to explore, it takes approximately 10 minutes walking to get to the Carcavelos train station.

My sister who runs the shop, energizes the place and pushes the value of handmade by guesting workshops and also yoga/brunch meetings. Every morning she goes to the market and buys local fresh food to serve lunch.

Casa do Pico is the place you can visit to check all the different models and recent stock updates i have made. Stock is very limited, as my main focus is taking care of all the custom orders i have but you can still find some standard models i have shaped if you are looking for a quick purchase.

If you like what i build but you would like to hold and feel a board under your arm before order one, you should definetely consider to give me a call/text and i can meet you at the shop for a talk.