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Most of the small days we surf on a short board are days we get frustrated and end up not enjoying the surf, so after watching people riding a longboard in Australia for the first time it really captured my attention, while i was struggling on my small board, they were having a blast, so i knew i was doing something wrong.

Unfortunately, where i live theres not much information or knowledge about classic longboard, so i knew i had to do my home work while i was in Australia, that was including surfing a longboard everyday and understanding the concept behind such a big board. Didn’t take to long to get addicted to the feeling of not working my body to get to where i wanted to go on a wave.

Caparica, Portugal  Photo: Joao Bracourt

Caparica, Portugal

Photo: Joao Bracourt

Carcavelos, Portugal  Photo: Beatriz Ryder

Carcavelos, Portugal

Photo: Beatriz Ryder

Longboarding not only changed all the curse of my surfing path but also improved the energy and perspective you can adapt on a smaller board, the insight of a bigger board applied on a smaller board was unreal.

Traditional and Classic longboards are a very unique piece of craft with 50/50 rails, no edge with a belly bottom and a concave on the nose. My style of shaping a longboard is a bit more refined and foiled, similar to Australian style, which is my background of school, they are light considering its size but it can be adjust to your taste if you are a fan of weight.

Full concaves bottoms are also my known way to handshape them so its the way i foiled them, very thin in the tail and in the nose, i like how fast they feel and how well they lock in when noseride, i dont make a big difference between a nose rider and a standard longboard, i combine what a noserider has to offer plus the grace of making a turn on a standard one. The more tail rocker i give the better you will noseride, so it depends on how you want to make use of your longboard and i can adjust him to your needs.

Longboards ranges from 9´0 to 9´10


All models require a deposit of 25% of the total amount when you place an order, by the time the order comes in and the deposit is confirmed we let you know from that day it will take one month to build your surfboard.