Diogo Appleton SurfCraft



“ Can you tell the difference between a Handshape surfboard and a Machine cut?

Probably not but i can say that you can trust someone who uses their hands to create something. The true way to master a craft is by doing it over and over, trail and error and from very detailed feedback when it comes to board performance. I have nothing against machine cuts,i think they are a great help if you work on production, in the other hand they are changing the curse on how a surfboard should be built, replacing prestige old knowledge and skill over shapers who design in the computer and someone else finishes the board, most of the times shapers dont even touch foam anymore! how crazy is that? this happens around the world today. So it has to be a difference of pricing between handshape and machine cuts right?

So, why should i pay more for a handshape? Well, you are paying for something someone who actually puts their time/knowledge/skill/passion on your surfboard and makes sure what you have order corresponds to your expectations. If you build you are skilled and the legacy of handshaping keeps alive for a few more decades, even centuries? its totally up to us, but if the industry keep growing this way and the lack of appreciation for who builds by hand continues on this path the price of handmade will keep growing and growing until its just a very exclusive % of shapers who are still capable to build “