Diogo Appleton SurfCraft


The initial idea was to build a board with lots of drive and fast off the bottom to surf point breaks, with barrels in mind.

Quads were first made to ride the barrel with more control and to increase speed in critical situations, so i knew the feeling i was chasing. I add lot of rocker on the tail but not so much on the nose, because i still wanted to keep the original speed a low nose rocker generates. After playing with the fin set up for a while i found the perfect placement on the board. 

La ticla, Mexico  Photo: Filipe Neto

La ticla, Mexico

Photo: Filipe Neto

The Spitball is an original design meant to surf in the barrel, drawing fast and clean turns but the biggest surprised of all after riding it with four fins for the first time was how smooth it turns, she hangs there tight and releases in a very powerfull way, always with a great feeling of high line, so i started to pursuit that feeling and sharp it.

The design suffered a few changes as well with new feedback feelings in the mix, after exploring the potencial the design had to offer with only three fins, it became more loose, closer to a high performance feeling and new school approach.                                             
Spitball range 5´5 to 6´0


All models require a deposit of 25% of the total amount when you place an order, by the time the order comes in and the deposit is confirmed we let you know from that day it will take one month to build your surfboard.