Diogo Appleton SurfCraft

Single Fin

The prestige era when the longboards became shorter and the performance and speed suffered a huge change, so does design.

Focusing in the present and from what we have learned from the past, this single fins have huge amounts of trim when you take them to surf point breaks, low rockers provides a lot of speed and allows you to feel that drive of a control loose board under your feet. The concave that runs through the middle of the board ending with vee-bottom in the tail,holds the water under your front foot and releases it when you apply pressure on your back foot, all thanks to the vee concept.

Channels are totally up to you, altough i highly reccoment if you want to have a smoother control of the board.

Single fins ranges from 6´0 to 7´5

Single Fin channels.jpg
Single Fin deck.jpg
Single fin bottom.jpg



All models require a deposit of 25% of the total amount when you place an order, by the time the order comes in and the deposit is confirmed we let you know from that day it will take one month to build your surfboard.