Diogo Appleton SurfCraft


Mid-lenghts are boards you consider to take out when the surf is to big to ride a longboard or to small to ride a short board, they fit just right in that slot where you don´t want to ride a 9´0 range longboard but still want that efortless glide.

This boards are not only to be surfed when the surf is not good, in the other hand they will give you that sensation coming off the bottom and get to the lip like a knife cutting butter and sitting perfectly in trim in the pocket. They are so unique as the person who is going to ride it, this type of boards are easy to surf but hard to surf well, although the concept and feeling behind it can be totally related to traditional longboards.

The rails are thin and rockers super foiled out, although you have a generous volume to paddle and to have that timeless glide.

The standard sizes range goes from 7´0 to 8´'0, anything smaller can distort the concept itself.


All models require a deposit of 25% of the total amount when you place an order, by the time the order comes in and the deposit is confirmed we let you know from that day it will take one month to build your surfboard.