Diogo Appleton SurfCraft

CLuster fish

I grew up in country where everyone rides high performance surfboards, so when i first start to build this type of boards it felt very natural to me when i had to deal with rockers, concaves, rails, foils… As i didnt want to make a standard high performance design, i chased something more suited to my style, altough all the elements and principles are still present.

Cluster Fishs are very versatile in different fin set ups, as you can ride them as a twin fin, thrusters or quads. I dont recommend to mix thrusters and quad set ups in the same board, as the fin placement ranges from different positions.

The twin fin set up also works great in this design, altough i have to make a few adjustments in the rocker.

Cluster fish range from 5’8 to 6´5


All models require a deposit of 25% of the total amount when you place an order, by the time the order comes in and the deposit is confirmed we let you know from that day it will take one month to build your surfboard.